“Christina help me tremendously with my issues of procrastination.”

Christina helped me tremendously with my issues of procrastination. My anxiety and fears have been holding me back and I knew that I needed to get help with it to make the progress in my life I really desire. With each session I began to get more in touch with my feelings and aware of when and how I procrastinate. With her amazing help I uncovered some blocks and started to release them and over time my fears began to lessen as I started taking action. Christina is extremely warm and easy to talk to. I felt really excited to attend each session knowing that I would be connecting deeper with myself and begin to feel clarity and peace.

Jeanetta G.

“Provided clarity with my personal goals
and life's purpose.”

I had two great sessions with Christina. I saw her for the customized session, which helped me with unblocking my issues with staying focused on achieving my personal goals. I needed to apply more effort on my own projects as much as I do with work. I'm currently feeling more confident about my personal projects for 2017, and even have a jump start on some of them. The QHHT session was interesting, it helped provide clarity with my goals and life's purpose. Her place is inviting and extremely comfortable. She's warm and confident in guiding me through the process. I'm glad I got to see her. 

— Brian S.

I visited Christina to work though some of my anxiety and social insecurities I get around people. It's been a couple weeks since we dove into these issues and i've felt an increased sense of confidence in my life since. I still have work to do, because these things are a process, but I can't wait to meet with her again for my next session to really work though my issues! Christina makes me feel super relaxed and confident that I can talk to her about anything. Also, her office is adorable! It's so cute and comfortable it makes me feel like i'm in the comfort of my own home. 

Can't wait to see her again for my follow-up with here next week! 

— Jillene W.


“Relaxed beyond belief.”

I was relaxed beyond belief. The embedded commands that she actually gave me, this direct communication for, is something that I know is just going to empower me not only in the near future but most likely for the rest of my life. 

Glen D.

“It left me feeling the experience was very informative.”

I wasn't sure what to expect but found Christina very comforting while going through the process. Confirmation was given on some issues I had questions on, and it left me feeling the experience was very informative. I would recommend this process if you are feeling stuck and don't understand how to move forward.

— Theresa E.



Professional Member of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce