Heal the Mind and Soul

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy is hypnosis using the deepest level of trans or the Somnambulistic state. Clients typically experience past life regression and an infinitely powerful aspect of themselves. It’s during this deep level of hypnosis that one can have questions answered and may experience a healing.

I can help guide you to recover memories of a past life. This is very therapeutic because it may explain behavior, reactions or patterns that are continually repeated in our present life. By identifying these memories we can release the patterns and emotions that no longer serve us or reinforce the ones that do.   

The session is video recorded and emailed to you via Drop Box at the end of the visit. You may also purchase a copy on a flash drive for $10.

*Please note, sessions will not be scheduled past 4pm due to the length of the visit. 



$325 / 240-300min
Sun 8am – 4pm
Tues– Sat 8am – 4pm



She offers uplifting advice both in person and in her blog.

 "I had a session with Christina in hopes on getting in touch with my Higher Self. I really love the idea of using Hypnosis to not only to change aspects of ourselves, but also to just find out more about our inner selves, past lives, life path, desires, etc. I felt totally welcome and comfortable with Christina I would recommend her to anyone to gain this sort of insight. She offers uplifting advice both in person and in her blog that I recently just perused. Ok, ok you caught me... I printed out every single one of her blogs so I can read and practice them at home."

Sami B.

The experience was unexpected and profound.

“I have been interested in the works of Dolores Cannon and Dr Newton for years and was excited when a friend recommended Christina's 'Elan' Practice to me. I reached out and booked a past life session with her. In the lead up, Christina explained the process, and gave me a meditation practice and affirmation exercises to prepare me mentally for the session. On the day, apart from being a consummate professional, Christina proved to be a warm and caring soul. She explained everything we would be doing and what to expect, putting me at ease. This allowed the flow and exchange of information in the hypnotic state fluid and "very" safe. The experience was unexpected and profound, questions were answered and new ones given. If you are considering trying hypnotherapy or feel called toward it in some way, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Christina. She is great."

— Andrew T.

Confirmation was given on some issues I had questions on.

“I wasn't sure what to expect but found Christina very comforting while going through the process. Confirmation was given on some issues I had questions on, and it left me feeling the experience was very informative. I would recommend this process if you are feeling stuck and don't understand how to move forward.”

Theresa E.