Using modern day techniques in the healing arts,
I can get you the results you want and help you move toward a positive change in your life.


“I am very passionate about the work I do and feel my calling is to help others. I love learning new concepts and techniques which has led me to discover Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and TIME Technique Therapy. I believe there is no right or wrong only what works or does not work for the individual. With an open mind let me help you with whatever you are struggling with!”

Below are the most popular areas I assist with but are certainly not limited to:



Heal the Mind and Soul


Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy is hypnosis using the deepest level of trans or the Somnambulistic state.

Inner Stillness


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a method that involves three main aspects; the mind (neuro), language (linguistic) and behavior (programming). 

Peace from Within


TIME Technique Therapy is a technique that helps to release negative emotions that the mind stores from memories and experiences.


Christina is an amazing practitioner and beautiful soul who's only desire was for me to be the best version of myself. Her techniques in working with me gave me new perspective on how to approach my goals to life."
~Greg S.

Hypnosis is more
common than you think.

Bruce Willis – Stuttering/Speaking
Orlando Bloom – Weight loss
David Beckham – Personal Development
Fergie – Nail biting and Meth Addiction
Matt-Damon – Quit smoking
Whoppi Goldberg – Fear of flying