What's Holding You Back From Success?

I think it’s safe to say most of us have experienced procrastination, lack of motivation or some unfavorable behavior at some point in our lives and we either ended up accepting it by finding ways to work around it or we changed it.

The services I offer are a great way to bypass years of traditional therapy and get straight to the source, your unconscious mind, and pin points why you are exhibiting that behavior/outcome and redirects it to a more positive or favorable behavior. This can work for anything such as procrastination, lack of motivation, sports performance, creative block, fears/phobias, confidence, and the list goes on.


Think in terms of results. How bad do you want to change a specific behavior whether it be a habit, specific belief or feeling? How much is this specific behavior costing you and is it effecting you emotionally and physically?

I will help you define clear goals while eliminating restrictive beliefs. My sessions are custom designed to you, solution-focused and geared to the present with the future in mind. This is a relatively short-term commitment with the goal of helping you get the success in the area of interest you want and to become independent so eventually coaching is not needed. I will give clear and direct feedback. In order for this coaching to be successful in your life you must believe the goal is possible, that you are capable of achieving it and that you deserve it. Don't worry I will help you get there if you aren't already! 


Christina Francisco

I am very passionate about the work I do and feel I have a calling to help others. I love learning new concepts and theories which has led me to discover Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy. My style comes from place of what works for the individual not the judgment of what is right and wrong in the eyes of tradition or the cultural norm. Let me help you with whatever you are struggling with!