Create Your Day

I like to do this before I start my day. I’ve had great success with this and have heard others share their stories of success too. I was taught this from Christie Sheldon an Intuitive Life Coach.

Imagine light coming into your body from the top of your head and bottom of your feet. Say the following:

I bless myself with pure love and light. I bless myself with pure source energy.

Say this three times out loud.

Image a ball between your hands. Try to feel it. Image the color.

Label the ball “my day” or if this is for someone else you can label it, “ (name)’s ” day. Envision the title written on the ball. This is to show the universe what it’s for.

Then say, “I bless (my/whoever’s name) day with _______. List what you want. For example, money, confidence, joy, ect. You can be specific too for example, “a compliment from my boss.” Keep the list with positive things. Try to avoid using negative terms. So for example don’t say, “I bless my day with no bills.” Instead say, “I bless my day with abundance.” In other words don’t say what you don’t want.

Ask your angles and spirit guides, “is there anything else I should add to make this day more lovely?” Whatever pops into your head immediately is the response.

Once you’re done with the list envision the ball again with the title and put it into your heart. Imagine it radiating out.

This is great way to set your intention for the day. If something doesn’t go exactly how you envisioned it that’s ok just ask what was the lesson that I needed to learn? I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and we are to learn from those reasons.