The Language of Space

I love the way my office space turned out. Let me first just say I am not a designer nor have I ever taken any design courses but I knew when I got this space that I wanted it to reflect me and represent my practice with a calming energy and unique style.  

The first thing I did before I bought anything was created a Mood Board on Pinterest. This served as centralized location of my favorite colors, patterns, furniture, shapes, quotes, etc. Basically anything that inspired me and portrayed the vision that I wanted my practice to represent.  

Next I focused on researching the main pieces I knew I would need; a desk, a chair and a chaise. Once I found the style I liked in the correct size for my space and was within my price range I bought them. Ikea, Home Goods and Amazon were the main places that everything came from. The most expensive piece in my office was the chaise lounge at $350. 

One of my favorite things about the space is my grass wall. It serves two purposes. One, it’s an artistic piece that brings in a natural element. Two, it’s hiding a connecting door to the next suite. The connecting door is permanently locked and was such a eye sore. Not to mention it made the room feel even smaller. Pinterest helped me think of this creative way to hide it. I originally wanted to use artificial moss but that was way too expensive. Remember there is always an alternative. 

I love geometric shapes and believe in sacred geometry. I used my rug and simple art pieces to incorporate it. It was important to me to have this but for it to not look too mystical or like a math class room.

Overall this was such a gratifying experience to bring my vision to life. Taking my time and picking pieces that meant something to me. Check me out on Pinterest to see my Mood Board and other inspirational boards.

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