8 Steps to Remove a Blockage

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Below is an exercise to raise your body’s frequency and unblock anything that is an issue for you. I found this to be really helpful for my clients and myself. I learned this from Christie Sheldon an Intuitive Life Coach.

1. Identify the problem you want to solve. This can be lack of love, money, ect.

2. Ask how bad does it feel on a scale from 1 -10. Take note of the number because you will use this as a baseline.

3. Image the light coming into your body from above and below. Expand it out like sunshine.

4. Ask the following questions:

  • I’m feeling [say the issue, ie: like I lack money], what’s the first age I ever felt [say the issue again]? Understand the emotion attached to it. It may be multiple emotions.
  • Who did I duplicate this from? Was it your mother, father, sibling, ect.
  • What’s the emotion(s) I’m feeling? Acknowledge the emotion(s).
  • Where is it in my body? Try to locate it. I like to try to associate a shape and color with it as well but this is optional.

5. Once you have a location, bring the light into that part. Visualize the light breaking it up. When you break it up imagine the light dissolving all the thoughts, feelings, memories and decisions associated with the issue.  

6. Say out loud, “I clear and transmute it, across all time, dimension, space, and reality.” You really have to mean it when you say this. The intention is what is important.

7. Ask the universe, “What would it take for me to feel totally and completely, [enter a positive of the issue, ie: abundant]?” Note: this may come later but it’s meant to fill the space you cleared.

8. Evaluate how you feel now on a scale from 1-10. Do it again until it is resolved and you are at 0.

Photo credit: Josh Rose